be Thou my VISON, oh Lord of my HEART


I'm inspired by

sun on my face, wind, good strong tea with lots of milk and a little sugar (or honey), plaid, knitting,
clean simple design, white, endless blue skies, kids laughing, roadtrips, foggy mornings, wool socks,
camping, the ocean, big sunglasses, vintage, change of season, sparkling snow, rain on a car roof, 
a bustling city, laid back country life, hiking, standing in a creek so cold your bones ache, 
warm pavement, breakfast eaten any time of day, campfires and card games, exploring new places on foot.

I'm a lifestyle photographer, seeking out beauty in the ordinary, in the tiny moments that make up our everyday. I want to remember how life is when no one's watching, not just in our "Sunday best". I believe that in these unguarded moments we are vulnerable and beautiful and honest! I'd love nothing more than to capture some of these moments for you. If you'd love that too please contact me.